Wood Flooring – The Good and the Bad


If you are one who enjoys a rich tradition, then there is perhaps nothing better than some solid wood flooring in a den or cozy study room. Although many flooring surfaces have changed over the year’s wood flooring is still one of the most popular choices you can make for improving the value in your home.

The Best and Worst Places

Some of the best places for wood flooring would be in your den or great room or even a small family room. Combine your flooring surface with a nice wood stove, and some other decorative home décor items and you’ll find a look that is very desirable.

Stay Away from the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Some of the worst places that you can put wood flooring would be in a kitchen, because you can easily drop heavy cans or other items such as sharp knives and such that can put gouges into a wood flooring surface that might make it difficult to repair easily.

Another place that you might want to avoid thinking about this type of flooring service would be a bathroom. The moisture among other things associated with both the kitchen and the bathroom do not make wood flooring the best choice.

There Is a Better Option

If you are really counting on putting some sort of the wood flooring look in your kitchen or in your bathroom. You might look into the many selections of laminate flooring surfaces. Upon first glance, it is often hard to tell the difference between real wood flooring and laminate flooring, if done correctly.


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