Wood Flooring Types


You should install durable wood at the entry or foyer areas. These areas receive a lot of traffic; therefore, they need hardwood that will be able to withstand wear and tear. For a more formal look you should install the floors in a decorative pattern.

Kitchen and family room are two rooms that receive a lot of traffic; therefore, you should install hard wood. When it comes to the kitchen, you should install tough wood that will also withstand moisture from spills.

Living and dining rooms receive less traffic; therefore, you should install less-durable wood in them. To complement the colors of the room you should go with a stain that is one shade lighter or darker than the general décor. The same thing applies to the bedroom. Since the bedroom experiences less traffic, you should go for less durable wood such as engineered laminate flooring.

Tips When Buying the Flooring Materials

You should consider the usage of the room. As mentioned, if the room sees high traffic, you should go for flooring that is hard enough to withstand wear and tear.

It’s also important to consider the color of the floor. If the area experiences high traffic you should install light colors floors as they tend to show less wear compared to their darker counterparts.

Your room’s décor is of great importance. As rule of thumb the flooring should complement your room’s décor. When making the purchase you should remember that formal decors tend to look great with darker wood. Contemporary styles on the other hand go well with lighter wood.

All types of wood come with a grade and the higher the grade, the higher the quality of the wood; therefore, if you want high quality flooring you should go for the highest grade.


These are tips on how to install and buy the right flooring material. When making the purchase it’s always recommended that you avoid very expensive flooring as it tends to be of the worst quality thus less durable.

Experts recommend that you avoid installing wood flooring in the bathrooms as the potential for water damage is very high. The best flooring to install in the bathroom is vinyl or tile.


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